Some common interview questions...

......and how to respond

"Tell me about yourself."

While not technically a question, most interviews will start off with some version of this. Your answer should include a brief summary of your previous experience in a way that relates to the position you are interviewing for. Also, be sure to mention your current situation and what you are looking for in your job search. 

"Why do you want to work here?"

This is where the importance of research comes into play. Before interviewing, find something about the company that lines up with your career goals or personal values and speak positively about that. Some examples could be a cause they support or their emphasis on work-life balance. Whatever you choose, it should be sincere. 

"What are your weaknesses?" 

This can sometimes feel awkward to answer but it is an important question because it shows self-awareness when handled correctly. The key is to pick something you've been actively working on and emphasize the steps that you have been taking to improve in the area. When done correctly, this method also helps present a solutions-oriented mindset. 

"Do you have any questions?" 

Here's another area where research comes into play. Asking questions is important for making sure this job is in line with your wants, needs, and non-negotiables. Not only that - asking quality questions shows interest in the position. 

Some examples of questions that may be helpful are, "What is your favorite part of the job?" or "What do people generally like most about the role?"

An example of a great closing question could be, "Are there any other questions I can answer or information I can provide to help with your decision to move forward?"

Do you want to work on navigating questions like these and many others?



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